Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hoot! Hoot!!

Owl Pellet Dissection

Last Friday Upper Elementary students dissected owl pellets during science class, as part of our study of the Vital Functions of Animals.  After introductory lessons on meeting the nutritional and structural needs of animals, we explored the Kidwings website, which gave details on how owls digest their prey.  Then students worked in pairs to dissect their pellets, and used a chart to try and identify the bones they found.  We identified skulls, teeth, jawbones, ribs, leg bones and more, mostly from rodents.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Move Up Day

This week the third grade students visited Upper Elementary classroom to get a feel of our learning environment and work cycle.  Upper Elementary students enjoyed assisting our visitors with getting acclaimed to the work routine and finishing the jobs on their work plans. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

All is fair when it's Cultural Fair

During the third quarter, Upper Elementary students researched Ancient Cultural Civilizations. As the projects were completed, students were excited to showcase their research and share what they learned. On Tuesday, March 17th, Upper Elementary parents witnessed what our students brought back from the history of ancient civilizations through colorful tri-fold board displays, costumes, food, music, artifacts, and various props. Browse the photographs and enjoy some of the highlights from the fair.

We also wish to congratulate the following presenters for achieving highest scores in five different categories:

1) GREAT TIMING: (for meeting all deadlines)
     Ancient Inca Civilization by Savitri and Pooja

 2) TOGETHER WE CAN! (for best team work)
    Ancient Sparta Civilization by Cameron and Pranav

3) SHOW STOPPERS: (for most creative presentation)
    Ancient Chinese Civilization by Khushi & Kimberly

4) ON TOP OF IT! (for most enthusiastic presentation)
    Ancient Celtic Civilization by Miriam

5) WORKING WONDER: (for overall best presentation)
    Ancient Israelite Civilization by Jordyn


Here are more pictures from the event: